Metaphysical harmonizer to balance vibrational energy flows of the mind according to the place where it is located. Made using prayer and natural materials in the symbol of the four geomagnetic directions of the Planet Earth in relation to the Sun. Forged and manually energized by the Medicine Man during a special ritual in Grand Canyon, Arizona.



The strength of the symbol has the power to bring many benefits on a physiological, mental and spiritual level.  😉 

It protects from unstable vibrations as the particular feathers absorb them and alchemically transform them into frequencies higher than that used for the human heart 639Hz, in stimulating and encouraging clearer and more conscious levels of communication.

Soul made of living wood, after being subjected to blessing rituals by the tree from which it comes.

The yellow waxed cotton allows to keep a connection with the frequencies of the light spectrum of the Sun’s light, harmonizing the electromagnetic field of the human body (aura).

Precautions: do not touch with unclean or wet hands. avoid skin contact with the ends and base of the feathers; do not expose to strong air currents; don’t introduce materials or other symbols; don’t place near sources of household electromagnetism; don’t wear and don’t take flash photography.

Handle with great care and do not keep it within reach of anyone.

It can attract animals especially insects, spiders, some birds, butterflies, rodents, raptors and snakes, for irrational and spiritual reasons of messages of elsewhere dimension. (contact: for further details)

Blow off any dust or expose to moderate wind.  🙂 

Forged and manually energized by the Medicine Man during a special ritual.



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Frank Hausotter


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